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Amanda Faith
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Hey there! I'm Amanda Dunmore. I'm the owner and operator of In Good Faith Dog Training (IGFDT) where I specialize in helping you create balance and communication with your canine companion.


I have been working with and in rescues for more than 10 years. I have been training since 2010, where I started learning strict obedience with my difficult dog, Faith (get it now? In Good FAITH?! See what did there?). With Faith, I spiraled into the wonderful world of dog training and the art of canine companionship. She was full of love and patience, but a very difficult dog to help become a valuable member of my community.


In my search for help with Faith I met several trainers and tried many types of training. I attended school fulltime and worked fulltime in an effort to afford the training needed to learn more about my dogs needs. In my final year of college I found a trainer who helped bring all that I learned together for me and my dog. 

In 2012 I received my Bachelors of Business Administration with a Entrepreneurship and Marketing Specialization, Summa Cum Laude from Temple University. As I started my career, I still worked with my trainer to help Faith through tough situations to help her maintain her training. I had found something that challenged me so I didn't stop showing up to work with that trainer. 


That wasn't enough, though. I wanted to know “Why?”, and how that could be applied to the other dogs I worked with in rescues and shelters. I embarked on the lifelong journey with Faith to become the owner she needed me to be. I sought out more knowledge from books, other trainers, and the dozens of dogs sitting in shelters willing to teach me something new.


Soon enough, I was following shelter and rescue dogs to their new homes and helping their people learn how to listen to their dogs. Shelters were recommending me to families who were struggling with their new addition. I once was that family with a dog I didn't know how to handle. I once was that person who felt like I was failing the dog in front of me and was going to be defeated by a system that is unbalanced.    


In the 4 short years that I have been offering my training services to the public, I have attended workshops and seminars to continue developing my skills. I have had the honor and privilege to study with an array of trainers, some include Chris Carr of Philadelphia, Heather Beck of K9Lifeline, Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs, Nelson Hodges of Canine Content, Tawni McBee of All Greatful Dogs, Ivan Balabanov of Dog Training Tampa, Chad Mackin of Pack to Basics and DePaw University, and most recently, Jason Vasconi of Transform My Dog.  These trainers have greatly shaped how I train by sharing new and unique alternatives.


I focus on building a relationship and trust with clients and their dogs. I help humans learn to listen to their dogs, and in turn build relationships not just obedience.


I am a proud member of the International Association of Canine Professionals as well as a proud supporter of our local rescues and shelters.