Pet Dog Training Pit Bull

Humans can be so selfish with dogs. We expect them to do things our way, when we want them to, and not, when we don't. Dogs appreciate all that we are and all that we aren't. They try to teach us to give just a little more, and expect a little less.

Having trouble with pulling? Jumping? Nipping? Begging? Fleeing? Or just all around “ignoring”?

What if I told you it's not a problem with the dog, rather it's your not having the right conversation with the dog? MIND. BLOWN. Right? Hold on to your hats, folks....your dog doesn't need to sit, down, heel, etc. He needs to think! He needs to make GOOD decisions.

That training you've depended on may not be working because you're just not speaking HIS language!

Let me translate... most dogs have no need for the basic commands we think define a good dog from a bad. What they do need is to stay around our area, avoid harassing other people or dogs, and stay calm and relaxed. Sound about right to you?

Instead we spend our time shouting our commands our dog likely never mastered and find ourselves upset with a dog practicing bad behavior. Sound familiar?

If so, I can help you, and I WANT to help you. I help dog owners communicate with their dogs and create a new life together. Training with IGFDT is NOT a quick fix, but a lifelong change to the way you think about and work with your dog. Training is everything we do with our dogs, everyday. It isn't dedicated to 15 minutes a day, but rather making better decisions with our dog, constantly.

The path to creating this change is hard to start, like any lifestyle change. First, I help you create calm in your house and with your dog. When your dog has a calm mind, they can focus and think, unlocking their potential to really start to live WITH us and have fun. Once they are ready to think, we begin the journey of guiding them through different environments to help them be successful.

If you're ready to make that change to the conversation, let's get started! Let me change you and your dog's relationship today and every day hereafter.